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I thought I would post about my current skin obsessions because Winter takes a tole on all of us and if you aren’t using the right products on your skin it’s a constant oily/dry battle which causes your skin to break out and freak out and hate you! I’ve tried lots of different products because I want to make sure I am investing in my skin because it’s important and worth it! If you aren’t taking care of it now, it will be too late later and unless you plan on getting some procedures done spend the $$ now! You’ll be glad you did! 🙂skincareCollage

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|Ponds Make-up Remover Wipes|Philosophy Purity | Fresh Rose Floral Toner |Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Creme|Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream|Clarisonic Mia 2|Amore Pacific ‘Treatment Enzyme Peel’ Exfoliator |Fresh ‘Sugar Lip Treatment’|

  1. I have used these make-up remover wipes forever. I can’t remember a time I didn’t use them and I totally swear by them and won’t change ha. I tried others back in the day and they dried my face out and I broke out. Or they wouldn’t remove all the make-up which is their one job so, get these for your first step at the end of the day. They’re the best!
  2. So I was totally skeptical about trying Purity because so many people were obsessed with it so I was like psssh it can’t be that great, WRONG! It’s gentle and simple and get’s the job done. The formula is great for sensitive skin and doesn’t leave behind an icky residue or make your skin dry out. The price point is great too and a bottle lasts forever even if you have a product stealing hubster! 😉
  3. You guys if you haven’t tried Fresh cosmetics I highly recommend them! The ingredients are simple and the products really work. I like knowing they use ingredients from nature and that it’s not full of a ton of chemicals like so many lines are these days. The toner is alcohol free which I love and BONUS you can spray it on to refresh your skin throughout the day if needed for a little boost. Rose water is so good for your skin!
  4. This face creme by Fresh is also amazing. I can’t normally do any creme moisturizers because I have combination skin and it makes me break out and/or produce more oil, no thank you, so I was so excited that this really balances me out for Winter. During less dry seasons I use the ‘Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance’ lotion because it’s more light weight which I need the rest of the year. I love that I am putting flower and fruit based products on my face everyday!
  5. Most of you are probably familiar with Keihl’s products and for good reason! Their products rock and have been around forever! I love this eye creme because it has Copper in it which if you haven’t heard stops those wrinkles in their tracks, can I get an amen!? LOVE! The creme goes a long way and you def get your money’s worth! If you don’t use an eye creme girrrlll, you better get on it. They say you should start using eye creme when you get your license, just saying. EYE CREAM! EYE CREAM! EYE CREAM! Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
  6. GET. A. CLARISONIC. It’s the best thing you will do for your skin to remove all the make-up and pollution and gunk from the day that you CAN NOT get off with your hands. I promise you it’s worth the investment. I lightly massage my face with my cleanser and then use the Clarosonic to really clean my face. You can also put your cleanser right on the brush and apply it to your face that way. It takes barely anytime and you can feel and see the difference. You will clean your face better and your makeup and skin care with stay on and work better. I swear. I’ve been using mine for years and have never looked back! Plus you can get the right scrub brush for you, sensitive, deep pore, etc. WORTH IT!
  7. The other must have in your skin care routine is an exfoliant. You use this a couple times a week to peel off all the access gunk that other products won’t do. I am in LOVE with Amore Pacific and WISH I could use more of their products but the price tag is a little higher but the quality, I DIE. My skin is amazing after I do a peel and I know it is making a difference. Go get a sample and try it a couple times, you’ll be hooked. With the perfect pore system you only get out what you need each use and won’t waste any. I leave the scrub on in the shower for a little extra attention for your face when your pores are really open and it works awesome.
  8. My other favorite Fresh product is their sugar lip treatment. The scrub and the gloss will do wonders for your lips! I use the scrub a couple times a week because the weather and the amount of lipstick I use realllly dries out my poor pucker. Boo! These are the BEST products I have found for dryness. Plus there are even tinted options for added fun! You’ll be totally obsessed too!

 Like I’ve mentioned before, it is SO worth it to set up an appointment with a beauty stylist and skin care professional to personalize your daily routines. They will give you tons of education and samples and set you up for skin care and beauty success! I promise it’s worth your time and money! 🙂 Please let me know what you think if you try any of these fabulous products and as always, thanks for stopping by!!



2 Responses
  • Lauren
    January 16, 2015

    I tried a sample of the purity lotion this fall and it was AH-MAZING! I’m interested in trying the sugar lip treatment, my lips get so dry in the winter. Love all the suggestions!

    • MadelynMartin
      January 16, 2015

      I love it, too!!!Let me know what you think of the sugar products if you try them! xoxo

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