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Now that almost all of the details have been worked out I am excited to share that after 15 months of Josh traveling every week for work, Sophia and I are packing up and heading with him to Boise, Idaho for 3 months. The details of Josh’s job have been a part of our life I have chosen not to share on social media because I honestly felt like publicizing that my husband was gone every single week was not the safest decision for Sophia and I. Some may say that’s over protective but you can never been too careful in this day and age. So if you ever wondered to yourself about why my husband appeared to not be around during the week or the evenings or for dinner or bedtime, it’s because he wasn’t. Josh has spent the last 15 months flying out every Sunday or Monday and returning home Thursday’s or Friday’s. It’s been a huge sacrifice for him to miss out on so much of Sophia’s first year in order to not move us away from our families and friends and a sacrifice I don’t take for granted. His job has allowed me to stay how and raise Sophia and get to be with her almost every single day of her life. I know many moms are not afforded this luxury and I know we are so blessed. But all this travel has come at a price and at the end of the day we decided we need to prioritize our family of three and put our time together first. While having so much support and help from our friends and family here has been crucial while Josh has been gone and something we will miss moving across the country I can’t tell you how excited I am. The small things that many families probably take for granted we will finally get to experience together, like family dinners during the week, prayer time before bed and maybe even the occasional breakfast as a family before Josh goes to work! I’m especially excited for Sophia to get some more quality time with her daddy who she adores so much. Not to mention this move will also give Josh and I so much more time together. Our evenings apart have been pretty lonely, mine at home alone and his entertaining clients before returning back to an empty hotel room every night. While the nature of his job will still require a couple days of travel every week despite where we live, I am happy to trade four or five days away for two or three!

So why only 3 months you ask? Well, we are renting to see if Boise is a place we might potentially want to buy a second home to go back and forth easier or split time for half the year or who knows maybe even move permanently. Those are details we will figure out after being in Boise for a few months, but for now we are keeping our current home in Wheaton and having someone live in it with our dogs while we are gone and then we will decide from there. There was no sense in moving our anxious as it is dogs back and forth across the country twice and I’m excited that everything seems to be falling into place in support of this move and that my (very specific) prayers for someone to live in our house with our dogs has been answered. Renting a place gives us the chance to decide where we would we want to buy a place in Boise and I am really excited about the location we chose for this trial period! This is something we’ve talked about on and off for awhile and a short trial period seems like the perfect way to try it out.ย This adventure couldn’t have come at a better time and I honestly can’t wait!

We head out a month from today and between the holidays and getting our house ready for a renter and packing up our lives here I know it’s going to fly by! If you think of it please pray for the logistics to work out smoothly. Josh will be driving our car and everything we need out a couple days ahead of Sophia and I so he can get us from the airport when we fly in and because 28 hours in the car with a one year old sounds pretty miserable! Ha! Also pray that Sophia and I can find some friends and fun classes while we’re out there. It’s scary finding a group of friends in a new community but I can honestly say this move will be best for our little family and I know God will bless us for following His promptings.

I look forward to sharing all my favorite Boise spots with you and catching up on older content since having Josh home more will give me the time to blog again. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year+ and for all the prayers as we head out West! 2018 is going to be an adventure!

“Greetings from Boise” on our last trip in November.


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“You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment you ever make”

Gordon B. Hinkley


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