Happy Monday, dolls!

I hope you all had as fab a weekend as I did! I got to spend some quality time with the hubs, Roo and some of my best friends and a midst a busy life, I don’t take this time for granted! I am so thankful to have such so many sweet people in my life! You know the kind that you stay up too late with, drink too much with …..


….and spend all your quiet, lazy and sweet moments with?! Yeah, doing life with these people is pretty great.


And I’m pretty lucky this life is mine.

My life is full ofย the sweetest supporters. These gems showed up at my door today in celebration of the sparkle I am hoping to spread with my new blogging adventure. I was lucky enough to meet some amazing customers that became friends and fairy godmothers in my time at Nordstrom and now I feel like Cinderella. I tried to refuse such an extravagant gift but was told these sparklers were so me and I guess I have to agree!

FullSizeRender (10)

Tory, you’ve really outdone yourself and I can’t wait to wear these this holiday season and count my blessings every step of the way.

While were on the topic of thanks, I am getting ready to start 30 days of Thanks and hope you will all join me. We take so much for granted and our lives are so full, full, full of blessings that we should all be able to pause each day and celebrate them. Don’t you agree!?

Enjoy the rest of your night and as always thanks for stopping by!



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