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Eggs’tra Special Day Out


Hiiiii everyone!! I know it's been months since I posted and I'm so excited to be back and sharing a little bit into my days as a mom! I've spent the last 5 months really focusing on Sophia and my new role as a mom and going forward that will be a huge part of my ...

Impatient Peplum


Happy hump day loves, I can't even sit down and blog these days because my brain is going non stop (to-do lists/errands/laundry/was that a contraction/etc) waiting for this baby to be here. It's torture I tell you. I've felt this entire pregnancy that she would be early so even though her due date is 2 days ...

Baby’s Hospital Bag


Happy Monday loves! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had my last baby shower yesterday which was so sweet and now I feel like we're officially in the home stretch since that was the last big thing I had planned before she comes! Crazy!! The wood floors in the nursery got refinished as ...