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Weaver’s Go West


Hiiiii friends!! Now that almost all of the details have been worked out I am excited to share that after 15 months of Josh traveling every week for work, Sophia and I are packing up and heading with him to Boise, Idaho for 3 months. The details of Josh's job have been a part of our ...

Weekend+GBS Recap


Happy Monday lovers! Lots of recapping going on today! What a whirlwind of a week last week and weekend! I actually had to take a power nap on Friday evening because I was so worn out, which never happens but felt so good to recharge and get stuff done. Like I mentioned in my last post ...

Help Me Help You!


Hey Dolls! I would love to get some feedback on the kind of things you would like to see from me in the next few months! Do you like more outfit posts or recipes or are you hoping to see some more style tips or DIY fun? I am working on a consistent schedule so you ...