Sundays At Home-Week 3


Happy Sunday love bugs!

I’m know my posting has been really inconsistent since we moved and I am so sorry about that! Hopefully after the holidays I can get myself together and keep up with my normal schedule! I didn’t get a ton done on the house this week but I did unpack a box of frames and wall decor and just a few touches around the house made it finally feel like home around here! πŸ™‚ I finished my first big furniture project this weekend and was finally able to put it back together and in the living room.Β IMG_4505IMG_4506So this coffee table used to be cherry wood and thanks to lots of Valspar chalk paint and an amazing sister-in-law its now an adorable vintage white! I even spray painted the knobs gold to continue with the upgrade. I am SO pleased with how it turned out and even though it was a labor of love it was so worth it. Next up is the media center and then our TV won’t be on the floor like it is now, ha. Our curtain rods come this week so we can finally hang up the curtains which will make this room a lot better! I am also on the hunt for the right sized rug and a sofa table to go behind the sectional (that we are keeping for now) with matching lamps. Ay yi yi lots to do. But for now I can sit on the couch and feel like the living room is coming along!IMG_4487IMG_4512IMG_4513So I really wanted garland to go up the stairs but all the pre-made strands are really expensive so I headed to Michael’s and picked up some supplies to make my own! For under $20 I got greenery, ribbon, pine cones, a string of lights, some tiny silver berries and floral tape. After I put it all together I ran to Target and got another strand of lights and garland to fluff it up a little. All in all this project was under $30 which is still cheaper then buying a couple pre-light strands so I’m happy! All the Christmas decor at Michael’s is on sale for 50-60% off so if you’re in the mood for some crafting/home decor fun head there now! They don’t have a ton left but there’s enough for lots of projects! Yay!IMG_4516So I spruced up the entry way a tiny bit and it’s coming along! I wish when I bought this white shutter a couple years ago I would have bought two because I love it! I use it for cards and we’re starting to get some adorable Christmas ones and I can’t wait to see which other ones come this week! πŸ™‚ I can’t decide if I want to make a mini version of my old gallery wall here or if I want to put a big mirror or an old window above the table. So the W will stay for now until I make up my mind. I love this metallic Christmas ball and furry pom pom garland I found at Target! It’s perfect for my home decor style and I kinda wanna leave it up forever since it’s not technically a holiday piece, right? Also I’m in search of the perfect lamp for the table too and maybe a furry ottoman for under the table? So many ideas in my head so stay tuned!

Another update, our dishwasher leaked the other night and ruined a quarter of the flooring in our kitchen. So the hubs spent the last couple days ripping up the flooring and went a bought a new dishwasher which gets installed tomorrow. You would die if you saw the amount of dirty dishes in the sink and on the counters. We had to disconnect the water so I can’t even turn on the sink to hand-wash anything, blah. Tomorrow can’t some soon enough. Side note- so proud of the hubs for ripping out the floor and putting in new flooring when he doesn’t have any kind of contracting experience. He is so resourceful and figured it out and did the dirty work and I am so thankful we didn’t have to waste more money on paying someone to do it. I didn’t think a new dishwasher was in our plans anytime soon and HATE having to spend money on stuff like thatΒ but that’s home-ownership for you, isn’t it? Blah. At least we were able to get a new one relatively soon. Also such a blessing that there was a box of extra flooring upstairs in the guest room so we didn’t have to buy flooring to replace what we ripped out. Hooray! Small victory!

Well that’s the update for now! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your night! πŸ™‚

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