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Hey, Dolls!

Did you miss me yesterday!? Sorry I didn’t have time to write, I went straight from nannying to do a closet consult for a girlfriend of mine and the promptly fell into bed ha. So what is a closet consult you ask?! It’s the best way to reorganize, reevaluate and reinspire yourself and your wardrobe. Here are the rules:

  1. Wine-hello this is a fun thing!
  2. Everything comes out before anything goes back
  3. With each piece you ask yourself-if I was shopping now, would I buy this?
  4. There are 3 piles- YES/NO/MAYBE
  5. Keep an open mind

I think most of us can agree that our wardrobes get a little stale after awhile, which causes us to keep shopping; buying things because they’re on sale or because we just need it! You know the feeling, my closet is full but I don’t have a single thing to wear!! This is when you need to take step back and get a second set of eyes on your closet so you can shop what you already have! You will be shocked at how much more inspired you feel when you get rid of the clutter, organize what you have and get creative with it! Then after you’ve done that, you can make your shopping list of what is actually missing from your wardrobe!

So here is what last night looked like! BEFORE:




So over the course of 4, yes, 4 hours we took everything out and went through it piece by piece and separated them into piles. For pieces where we disagreed on which pile it should go in, we made outfits and talked about how to wear it or convinced the other why it shouldn’t be part of the wardrobe anymore ha. This is the best part of having someone do this with you, fresh perspective. We all have different styles and can inspire each other to make whole new outfits. As you mindfully go through your wardrobe you will also be better able to pinpoint exactly what you want your own style to be.

When we had gone through everything we talked about the best way to organize her closet and how she puts outfits together in the morning. My number one rule in organizing your closet is to colorize it. It is the single best way to make outfits. And anyone who has worked in retail will agree. It just flows. The rest is up to you. For me I do, dresses-bottoms-tops-sweaters/toppers; in that order along the bar. Each section colorized.

Here are the after pics:

FullSizeRender (33)The pile in the middle is only because we didn’t have matching pant hangers to hang the skirts and shorts. Don’t think I condone piles 😉


FullSizeRender (34)

FullSizeRender (35)


Have some shoes or accessories that inspire you? Keep them visible!

Only after everything is back in the closet, can you go through “the Maybes” and decide if they make it back into the closet or not. Do with the “No’s” as you wish but no putting them back! Sell/Swap/Donate!!!!

As we made outfits we talked about trends, what’s inspiring us now and what pieces we felt like were missing to complete her wardrobe. As I mentioned, when you go through your closet, you’ll find you “need” much less then you thought. We came up with 8 pieces. That’s it. So now we get to shop for those pieces and make some fab new looks! Too much fun! I have a couple other consults coming up that I am excited to share with you guys! Interested in doing a consult? Contact me and we’ll set something up! What’s keeping you from shopping in your own closet? Let me help!

On a total different note I have day 4 and 5 of thanks to do: Today I am thankful that I live close to extended family. I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee with my sweet Aunt this morning while Riley was at preschool and I don’t do it enough. Family is one of the greatest gifts we have and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so take advantage of every moment you get with the ones you love. Yesterday and everyday I am thankful for my health. One of my dear friends lost her dad yesterday after a battle with brain cancer and I am again reminded of how short our lives are. Well we can rest assured that he is in Heaven, those who knew him will never be the same. My prayers go out to them today and always.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful evening and be thankful for your day!






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