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What a Monday! If you need me I will be having wine for dinner!

Today I am so so thankful for the policeman who found Roo and Tobi (my parents dog) who were on the loose in the dark this evening. After my dad did some yard work he left the gate door open and then let the dogs out to play in the yard forgetting it was open. (Roo stays at my parents during the day while the hubs and I work so she can play with Tobi and not be home all alone). After not hearing any barking for a little while, he went outside to find they were gone! My dad walked the neighborhood for 20 minutes before calling me and saying the worst sentence ever-“the dogs got out and I’ve been walking the neighborhood trying to find them, I’m so sorry.” After dropping off Riley I booked it to my parents already crying, fearing the worst. You see, I’ve been down this road before and sadly it didn’t end well. My sweet puppy was eaten by a coyote right out of our backyard while I was in college. I got the same call at night saying she was gone and we drove around for hours only to figure out what happened-I will spare you the gruesome details but it was awful. I could not believe this could be happening to me again and just prayed and prayed that God would keep them safe and we would find them! I called the hubs and we all split up, recruiting some friends and neighbors and spread out to search. We drove and walked for over an hour before the hubs decided to call the police and report the dogs missing. Much to our surprise they had actually picked up 2 “Yorkies” earlier in the evening and had them at animal control. While the rest of us continued the search, the hubs drove over to see if it could be them andย PRAISE THE LORD it was!!!!! I am so thankful that God kept them safe while they were running around in the dark and no one hit them. Being dark colored, little dogs, I was so so scared that I would find them on the side of the road somewhere. Ugh, I can’t even talk about it anymore.

Needless to say Roo is getting lots of hugs and kisses tonight! Never take the time you have for granted. Also, make sure to have your dogs/cats micro-chipped and check to make sure it was done correctly! Animal control called the rescue we got Roo from but they were closed for the day and then we in turn couldn’t be reached. Make sure the micro-chip is in your name! We know now and could have saved ourselves some time and worrying but hopefully someone else can benefit from this!

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I cried off all my make-up hence the black and white filter, and don’t let the look on Roo’s face fool you, she is very happy to be home!

Thank you to everyone that was praying for to be found, safe and sound and to all the people who helped us look! We are so blessed by the people in our life and don’t take it for granted!

Thanks for stopping by and hug your loved ones tight tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚





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  • Christina
    November 4, 2014

    So glad those two stuck together and didn’t get separated!! Puppy love. Hooray for happy endings!

    • MadelynMartin
      November 4, 2014

      Me too, Christina!! I’m so thankful that they are buddies! The policeman said that Tobi was Roo’s comforter which is so sweet! Thankful that God watched out for them and kept them safe!! He answers prayers!


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