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If you’re anything like me and the hubs, you love brunch food. It’s seriously some of our favorites and we love making omelettes and pancakes and cinnamon rolls on the weekends. There are tons of awesome recipes out there to make your brunch delicious! I had pinned a ‘3 ingredient pancake’ recipe awhile back and I was meal planning for the week yesterday and came across it and was like what the heck, might as well make that now! I love recipes where you pretty much always have the ingredients ready to go. Makes you feel all awesome and prepared am I right?! πŸ™‚ If you search through pinterest you’ll find a few variations of this recipe and I just combined a couple to make ours. So here it is!


Yield: about 6 4” pancakes


  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • vanilla extract
  • cinnamon
  • chocolate chips (optional)
  • maple syrup



  1. Mash up banana until there are very few chunks
  2. Add 2 eggs and mash/mix well
  3. Add in a splash of vanilla and a couple shakes of cinnamon (to taste) and whisk together
  4. Using a 1/3 measuring cup drop mixture onto non-stick pan over medium heat and cook each side about a minute and a half to two minutes. It will cook pretty fast. Add chocolate chips right before you flip it over
  5. Top with a tiny bit of maple syrup (they are pretty sweet on their own)
  6. Enjoy!

Β IMG_1446[1]

They don’t look that pretty but they were really good! The hubs didn’t even know they were gluten free and ate 5 of them. Roo had Β a little one too, minus the chocolate of course and gobbled it up. She loves eggs and bananas so she sat at my feet the entire time I was making them hoping she got some too, haha. We always make her a little brunch with us on the weekend so she knows the drill at this point and is so cute just waiting for me to fill her bowl up!

Tips: make sure your pan is hot enough because the batter is runny and will kinda go all over if you don’t contain it. Even if it burns a little it still tastes really good, at least to me. So don’t fret if you cook one side too long.I read a recipe where she added a pinch of baking powder and I think that could be a good addition if you don’t like the consistency of the batter, that would fluff it up a little. If you try that let me know! πŸ™‚

We went the lazy route today and after loosing a bet I had to brave all the snow to run to Dunkin’ Donuts for some bagels and donuts. #nojudgement #worthit My body quickly fell into a gluten and sugar induced coma and I napped for almost an hour! Which is super rare for me, there is always something on my to-do list preventing me from napping. Now I need to make a little appetizer for the Super Bowl tonight! #goseahawks How can you not cheer for the team from the hometown of Starbucks and Nordstrom?! Am I right?! I’ll mostly be counting down the minutes until Katy Perry and the Puppy Bowl! Hooray! Have a wonderful Sunday and stay safe!!

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