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I thought I would do a quick post of my current lip combos because let’s face it I’m obsessed with lipstick and it’s always nice to get some new ideas. Am I right?10[2]

This is my current fave everyday Fall combo and looks great with or without the liner if you aren’t a lip liner fan.

|M.A.C. ‘Stripdown’ Liner|M.A.C. ‘Brave’ Lipstick|M.A.C. ‘Viva Glam V’ Lipglass for a darker burgundy/brown or M.A.C. ‘Ample Pink’ Plushglass for more for a pink burgundy|23[1]I love this neutral look for everyday and it’s been a go-to of mine for awhile. It’s creamy and simple, with a touch of shine. The liner and lipstick foundation allow for really any gloss color over it to make your own your neutral look i.e. a pink or a coral or brown etc.

|M.A.C. ‘Stripdown’ Liner| M.A.C.‘Fleshpot’ Lipstick| M.A.C. ‘Viva Glam V’ Lipglass|29[1]I love love this pale pink combo. It has a pop without being too bright and can easily be worn everyday or for a night out. Plus pink looks great on everyone! 🙂

|M.A.C. ‘Hip N Happy’ Liner|YSL ’22’ Lipstick|M.A.C. ‘Saint Germain’ Lipglass|19[2]This pink is my throw on and go shade. It’s so fab and doesn’t even need a gloss if you’re on the run! Now of course if you want the color to stay awhile you better line and gloss it butttt sometimes there just isn’t time, agreed? 😉

|Dior ‘#475 Rose Caprice’ Lipstick|

What are some of your current go-to lippies? I love new suggestions and never mind adding a few new ones to my collection, hehe. Share the love and thanks for stopping by!

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.”

Coco Chanel


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