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I’m officially half way into my pregnancy now and wanted to share a few reviews on some maternity clothes and products I’ve tried so far. Since my body has been growing and changing so much, literally since I peed on the stick, I’ve done my fair share of shopping around and hope to save you all the hassle of doing it yourselves when the day comes! 😉

First up, new bras of course. This is something you absolutely want to spend the money on. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to save money by going to Target and grabbing some cheap bras you think will work. THEY. WON’T. I promise. I tried it and it was a waste of money. If you’re like me this was the first thing you needed a bigger size in pretty much immediately. I was actually in pain for the first couple months because of how big and sore the girls were, I even had to start sleeping in a bra. Yeah it’s true. A mommy friend of mine recommended Soma Intimates and I’m so glad she did! You guys their bras are A-MAZ-ING! I’ve sent several preggo friends there as well and they would all agree! Their Embraceable line is the best, so much support but doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything. I would say the price is pretty average at 2 for $59 on the bras and they constantly send out deals and coupons if you create an account; which you should because you’re going to keep needed new bras, sorry to tell you (I’ve already hit Gold status on my account). Plus since they have fit experts you can rest assured that you’re getting the perfect size for you AND they’ll make sure you have a little growing room so you aren’t going back more then necessary! I’ve already gone up 4 inches around and 2 cup sizes so believe me when I say the perfect fit matters or you’re going to kill your back and be re-adjusting yourself all day which is not a cute look. 😉 Bonus their nursing bras are the same line so you won’t have to start all over you’ll just need a few bigger bras. (Nordstrom also offers great bra fittings but their bras are a little pricier so that’s personal preference. Go during anniversary sale in July and save yourself some moola!) 😉 Anyways.570010067_719This bra is perfect for sleeping and is so comfy. I’m obsessed! Also part of the Embraceable line so you can get a couple for $59.570093957_938I love the lace detail on the denim bra in the Embraceable line. There’s lots of other color options too, I just tend to get more neutrals and only a couple colored bras but whatever floats your boat! 😉 You need lace when you’re preggo. Trust me. It will make you feel prettier then you probably do most days.570134321_379The full-coverage bra is my fave and what I bought the most in! So great! There are a few without wires too if that’s your preference but I would recommend going in and trying a few on. You’ll be surprised what you might like now that you didn’t before.

Something your friends might not clue you in on is the fact that you will also need new underwear during your pregnancy. Yes, I’m serious. Feel free to reference a pregnancy book if you want the details on why but I needed a size up in alll my undies as well. The struggle is real and expensive people. Underwear style is really a personal preference but I love these styles from Hanky panky, Honeydew, and Free People the best.

I posted a few weeks ago looking for recommendations on maternity tanks in particular and tried out 4 different stores until I found my favorite ones! This is another product that is worth the money in my opinion because you’re going to wear one almost everyday and if the quality isn’t great it’ll be shear and stretch out and then you’ll just end up needing to buy more anyways. First up is this tank from Target. img (4)At $12 a piece I would expect that it wouldn’t be too shear or stretch out and it would hold up to all the rave reviews and recommendations I received from other moms but I was disappointed. While the length is great it definitely grows throughout the day which can get a little annoying and I wouldn’t wear it by itself because it’s kinda see through. The fabric is comfy and perfect to wear with leggings and layer casually. Runs true to your pre-pregnancy size.

Next I tried two styles from Old Navy and they were by far the worst quality. img (5)img (6)They were really oversized and so shear. You can actually tell in the product photo that they aren’t great. I even tried the pastel ones to see if they would be a good colored option and the answer is nooo. Again if you’re just looking for a layering piece at $9.99 I guess thats fine, but I would assume they would stretch out and not last very long through your pregnancy. So spend the extra $2 at Target for a better fabric and fit. And you can go down at least one size, they’re maternity runs very generous.

Next up are the maternity tanks from H&M. hmprodI was again hoping for an amazing product after lots of rave reviews but wasn’t thrilled with the white tanks. I ended up keeping a black one though and  I will say the fabric is comfy and didn’t stretch out while I was wearing it. I would go up one size though from what you normally wear. At $9.99 each I would say they are better then Old Navy and Target but I wouldn’t wear the white alone.

My all time favorite that I’m actually wearing as we speak or type rather, is the mamalicious tank from Asos. img (8)At $23 a piece you are absolutely getting your moneys worth! It’s a thick and comfortable fabric that holds you in and doesn’t stretch out with wear. They’re one size which is great too, no need to figure out your size. You can’t tell from the picture but there are ribbing details around the stomach and under the bust that allow the tank to stretch perfectly to fit your body. I am SO happy with these thanks and don’t feel self conscious wearing them alone and since it’s going to be hot the rest of my pregnancy I don’t want to have to wear 2 shirts everyday thank you very much! 🙂

I also have tried 3 different brands of jeans and found a great white pair; which we all know is very important to me and am still on the hunt for a denim pair. I was so excited to see that TopShop had a maternity line and immediately ordered this pair of their white denim. _12638769I was SO disappointed in the quality. I got the smallest size and they were not snug enough for white jeans and starting stretching out just from one trip up and down the stairs when I tested them out. Also they were super shear; like you could see the product tag through them and underwear. No thanks. Straight back to Nordstrom they went-side note, so annoying that ALL the Nordstrom maternity clothes are online. I’m all for convenience but sometimes it’s easier to go into the store and try a bunch at once. Blah. Also trying on clothes is exhausting pregnant so the struggle is real, ha.

So they next pair I tried were LAUGHABLE. Like the WORST pair of jeans I have ever put on my body, hands down, maternity or not. The band that came up around the belly was ginormous and the fabric was like jeggings but not tight, ick. I should have taken a picture of myself in them because I was actually laughing at loud at how terrible they were. That’s what I get for trying a brand called The Urban Ma! HA! In my defense they are also from Nordstrom. 😉_11190637I totally proved myself right in investing in quality jeans no matter if you’re pregnant or not because the off brands/cheaper brands just don’t cut it. I don’t want to be pulling up my pants all day or looking bigger then I already do.

So my favorite white maternity jeans are of course these white jeans by Paige. _12212779The fit is great (true to size) and they only have the side panels for stretching for the belly instead of that nasty giant band. I hate that thing by the way. Unless they’re leggings there is no way I want all that fabric covering me pretty much up to my bra line. And in the things I’ve tried the band isn’t tight enough to offer support sooo what’s the point? Thanks, but I’ll pass. If you’re lucky sometimes you can score a pair of maternity premium denim from NordstromRack for less then half the price! They have some sizes left on some great brands here so if you’re looking for a pair fingers crossed for you that your size is there!

My other favorite piece of maternity wear that I’m loving so far is a swimsuit from Asos. They have an AMAZING maternity section on their site and everything is super affordable! Sadly mine has sold out since I got it, go figure, but check out their selection, here. Their fabric is great and offers a lot of support! I wore my suit all day for our Memorial Day pool party.

Hopefully my reviews help you find some basics for your pregnancy! I’ll keep you posted, of course, as I find new great (and terrible) products! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!

“I’m pregnant which means I’m sober, swollen, and hungry. Approach with caution.”

That quote made me die laughing so I had to share it today! HAHA!



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