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I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Ours was pretty packed over here which made waking up this morning a little hard but busy weekends are always worth it so you gotta take the good with the bad I guess! πŸ™‚ I thought I would share my current lipstick/gloss/liner obsessions in one post because one of my favorite holidays is coming up with meansssss you’ll be needing some fab lips for a great night out! Or maybe you need a go to lip for your everyday looks or maybe you can’t remember where I’ve linked all my lip shades and wish I would do it all together, you’re wish is my command. I talked about my skin care routine the other day and I linked a couple of my favorite lip treatments which sets the foundation for your lips looking beautiful no matter what the shade, so make sure you add these into your routine for a perfect pucker. Things that are important to know: 1. Lip color looks best with a liner to accent and keep your lipstick from bleeding outside your lips. 2.Β The color in the swatch is a little darker in each sample but if you follow me on instagram you can see an example of my lip combos. 3. It’s best to keep a couple varieties in your routine to spice things up and change up your look.sugarCollage

|Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment|

|Fresh Sugar Lip Polish| Fresh Sugar Lip Balm|


|‘Everyday Pale Pink’ |

|M.A.C. ‘Hip N Happy’ Liner| M.A.C. ‘FleshPot’ Lipstick| M.A.C. ‘Pink Nouveau’ Lipglass|


|‘Everyday Nude’|

|M.A.C. ‘Stripdown’ Liner| M.A.C.‘Fleshpot’ Lipstick| M.A.C. ‘Viva Glam V’ Lipglass|


|‘Hot Pink Lovin’|

|M.A.C. ‘Magenta’ Liner| M.A.C. ‘ Candy Yum Yum’ Lipstick| M.A.C. ‘Pink Poodle’ Lipglass|


|‘Berry Bliss’|

|M.A.C. ‘Magenta’ Liner| Nars ‘Schiap’ Lipstick| Nars ‘Sixties Fan’ Lipgloss|

I’m totally obsessed withΒ ‘Fleshpot’ these days because it’s so versatile. It’s a perfect foundation to make some gorgeous creamy nudes, and pinks. I would highly recommend adding it into your lipstick collection because you can add any of your favorite gloss colors over it and make your own perfect shade. If you’ve been keeping up with me for awhile, you know I’ve been rocking a bright pink lip for years it’s still my go to. I haven’t found pink lipsticks that compare to ‘Candy Yum Yum’ or ‘Schiap’ but I am always happy to try your recommendation.

You need to have a nude, pink, magenta and red liner in your make-up collection to wear with your basic shades. Or if you want an easy liner that you can wear with everything you’ve got to try the Dior Universal Liner.Β It works with every skin tone and every lipstick shade.


What are your favorite lipstick shades these days? Next up for me to try is a bright purple combo, I’ll keep you posted on the results. As always, thanks for stopping by!



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