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Happy Hump Day, ladies!

This week’s “how to” is about rewearing that old bridesmaid dress of yours that probably cost way too much money and is collecting dust in your closet because let’s face it, if you didn’t pick it out it’s probably not your style. I’ve been in my fair share of weddings (7 to be exact) and if I didn’t figure out a way to reuse my dresses I would be so annoyed and I bet some of you feel that way now. So I thought it would be helpful to share a few styling ideas and one before and after outfit with you! Now I admit that sometimes there isn’t anything you can do with a particular dress and it’s just better donated (or used for dress-up), I’ve done this with 2 dresses because sorry sweet friends of mine I just could NOT wear them another time. Read kiwi green satin. Ick. 😉

Ok moving on, first and foremost have your dress taken up or in to insure a perfect fit if you didn’t do that before the wedding. Then try one of these ideas for those diamonds in the rough dresses:

  1. Got a pastel colored dress? Have it dyed navy or black for a great classic dress in your wardrobe to wear to other events/weddings.
  2. Add a cardigan and a belt. I rewore a dress of mine to a more casual wedding with some fun wedges, a gold belt and a lightweight cardi-obvi this applies to a Spring/Summer wedding only. AKA mix up the accessories.
  3. Love the bottom but hate the top? Have it turned into a skirt! This will cost less then you think and add a fun new piece to your wardrobe that you know fits perfectly. Remember when I said a great tailor is a must in your life? This is why!
  4. Turn it into a dress you love! See the before and after pics below! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong these dresses were beautiful for my sweet brother’s wedding and my sister-in-law has beautiful taste BUT this is not a dress I would rewear again, sorry Mary. 😉 But since I knew I could alter it someday for a more formal wedding and that way wouldn’t have to buy another dress. So when the time came I took it into my tailor and had it altered into a strap-less dress. And voila black tie optional wedding ready! 1[1]3[1]6[1]Bye-bye chiffon under-arm chaffing and hello classic formal black dress in my closet! Why do they make bridesmaids dresses so uncomfortable anyways? SO annoying. I added some fun and bold accessories because my motto is go big or go home/the more the merrier-have you noticed? 😉 But for reals. 15[2]18[1]Remember when I said you needed this scarf in your life? I love it and have already gotten so much wear out of it and it doubles as a fab wrap for any dress! Would you all be interested in a few easy scarf tying ideas sometime? This is one of my faves for an evening out! And it stays all on its own which is great. 22[1]Here’s the back view of the scarf turned wrap. You can also just wear it over your shoulders or drapped in the crooks of your elbows. It’s fun to make a statement with your wrap when you’re wearing a solid color dress. I highly recommend having a couple of dress belts in your wardrobe as well because they really can transform an outfit. I bought this belt years ago to wear with a different repurposed black bridesmaid dress to a different wedding and it was perfect to pair with this one too!27[1]33[1]38[1]

Photos: Green Eyes Imaging

|Accessory Details|

|Marleylilly Clutch|love love these strappy heels|this or this  belt would be a great to accessorize with|Francesca’s Studs|try this statement necklace|similar Vince Camuto scarf|YSL ’58’ Lipstick|MAC ‘Got Style’ Mineralize Lipglass|

I just twisted my hair up into a classic low bun for these photos but I might end up doing that for the wedding I’m wearing this outfit to next week as well because it’s so easy and effortless. What do you think? Any other fun suggestions on re-wearing your bridesmaid dress? Comment below, I would love to hear it! Thanks for stopping by!

“Women who wear black live colourful lives.”

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