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Happy hump day lovelies!

I spent lots of time reading and re-reading your tips and suggestions from my blog survey and am so happy that I decided to do this survey. One of the most challenging parts of blogging has been wondering what you all WANT to read vs what I am writing about and getting some feedback on how to change it. Thank you SO much for your sweet words of encouragement over the course of the last year as I shared whatever came to mind and I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed following along! I so look forward continuing to produce content that helps you all live the happiest/most stylist/inspired/sparkliest life you can. πŸ™‚ When you sparkle so do the people around you and so on and so on. Spread it around and make this world a better place for everyone! Please and thank you!

I thought I would break down some of my key take aways and your most frequent responses in listΒ form because that way I can’t get to winded in this post like I tend to do, oops.

  • More Product Reviews– this makes me so excited because I love sharing things I love and will continue to feature my Friday faves-recommendations welcome
  • Hair and Make-up Tutorials– I will totally work on this and have a couple of ideas but need to learn how to shoot videos first so this will happen but stay tuned I also am not super skilled in the hair/make-up department so may have to be a requested section
  • Video Blogging and Snapchat– So this goes with the above bullet point and once I am all set up in our new house and teach myself how to video I will totally add this element. You can follow me on snapchat now for little daily shenanigans ‘mrsmadelynw’ and my Youtube channel will be coming before the end of the year! Scary but fun right? πŸ˜‰
  • Shopping Variety– so keeping it real, I really do shop mostly at Nordstrom but I will add some other option links next to what I am posting so add some variety and price points for you all- I started adding Target this week along with my usual Nordstrom/Forever 21 and Shein products
  • DIY and Decor– this will def be on the blog more as we move and decorate our new house so stay tuned for that
  • Recipes– would love some suggestions on what you all want to try cooking with me!

Trouble Shooting Issues:

  • Accessibility– there are icons on the top and bottom of my page that allow you to follow me on all my social platforms so you don’t miss a post if you don’t want to subscribe. I update my blog link on my Instagram daily and post the blog link onto my facebook page daily as well.
  • Product Links/Outfit Details– I will always post the closest thing to what I’m wearing if not the exact item in my BLOG post and not on Instagram or Facebook- you can also find me on (Tagspire.come/madelynweaver) to shop my photos instantly as well
  • Frequency– I try to post M-F and vary what my posts are about. Right now my schedule is loosely like this:
    • Monday-Weekend recap
    • Tuesday-Style
    • Wednesday-How To
    • Thursday-Style
    • Friday- Product Reviews-“friday faves”
  • I added a search bar on the right- thank you for that suggestion
  • I also added a product feature on the right where you can shop recent products mentioned in my posts-let me know what you think about that

I love hearing feedback from you all and would love requests if there is something you would love to see me try/style/cook/make etc. It makes this blogging even more fun! πŸ™‚ You can comment below or on any of my social media platforms or send me an e-mail through my contact page! I hope you all have a wonderful day! It’s rainy and grey here so I’m off to make some Chai Tea and play school with Riley, ha. That’s his newest favorite thing to do, probably because he loves being the boss.

Thanks for stopping by!

“Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.”



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