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Happy  Friday, lovers! 🙂

This post has had 3 different day intros (hump day & Thursday, ha) due to this terribleee cold that I just can’t shake! This is the best its been all week but my voice is still scratchy, my cough is nasty and I have so much sinus pressure. Blah! I couldn’t look down to type either because my nose would start running like crazyyyy, so I’m finally getting to it. Oh and on top of that we are under contract on a house hooray!! Soo we’ve had to do the walk through and negotiations and contracts this week as well so ::fingers crossed:: everything goes well and we get the keys in October to our first house! 🙂 🙂 🙂

For this week’s “how to” I wanted to share my go-to products to get and keep your body and face Fresh for Fall and really year round! As well as my go-to Fall lip combo! After exposing your skin to lotssss of sun this Summer it’s time to get it back in shape and hydrated for the drier months ahead. If you don’t live in the Midwest you have different skin care regimens due to your own weather patterns but this is what works best for me! Now you’ve heard me talk about the most important companion to your skin care before and that is a Clarisonic. _9946639I know it has a bigger price tag then your average skin care products BUT think about a couple of things, 1. your price per use 2. the longevity of it and 3. you can’t get new skin. It is a proven fact that skin that isn’t taken care of wrinkles sooner and faster. I did not make this up! You HAVE to mask, exfoliate and hydrate your face and your body! This is not a drill and you don’t get a do-over! For reals. This is worth the investment! Promise. I’ve used my Clarisonic 3-4 times a week for the past couple years and can totally tell a difference in my skin AND how well my make-up stays on when I forget to use it regularly.

OK, let’s talk about my fave products. I still use the Philosophy face wash and so does the hubs. I would highly recommend it for any skin type. It’s gentle enough to use twice a day and is made with quality ingredients AND a little goes a long way so your bottle will last you sooo long! #scoreIMG_3541I’ve mentioned before that I love Fresh skin care products and after having a Fresh facial last month I love their line even more! I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting on my face because their ingredients are natural and such good quality. I’ve been using their moisturizer and lotions etc. for over a year and have no complaints!

  • Seaberry Restorative Body Creme: I’ve posted about this before in regards to after sun exposure but it is also GREAT for dry skin. It fixes your skin issues instead of just covering over them. Highly recommend!
  • Rose Water: I love this as a toner as well as a pick me up during the day. I use it twice a day after I clean my face and I would highly recommend it if you aren’t already using a toner, which you should be. You can spray this on over your makeup to hydrate your skin anytime during the day and it’s so great. Lots of celebs use a water mist to set their make-up and I like that this is a 2-1 so I don’t need to buy another product to hydrate my made up face.
  • Lotus Youth Preserve Lotion: This is the moisturizer I use in the morning after I cleanse and tone my face, it’s lightweight and does the job. I have combination skin so it’s a constant battle of trying new products and letting others go when they start to be too much for my skin (this is what the hubs uses too).
  • Rose Gel Eye Cream: This is your day time eye cream which soothes your under eyes and gets them ready for make-up. Your make-up won’t smudge off from this either. Don’t worry.
  • Lotus Youth Preserve Face Creme: This is what I use at night after I cleanse and tone my skin! I wear more at night to make sure my skin is hydrated all night long—–> hydrated skin doesn’t wrinkle, remember? In the Winter I sometime do it in the morning as well instead of the previous lotus lotion because I get super dry. It’s so annoying but this does the trick. I used to use a serum as well but I don’t need it now that I do this instead.
  • Peony Overnight Mask: I love this mask because you can sleep in it and don’t have to factor in another 10 minutes to wait and wipe off your mask before bed. By the time the day is over I am ready for some zzzzs and don’t want to wait any longer then necessary. This locks in all that moisture overnight and is great going into the drier months. It’s not something I can use much in the Summer because I’m oily but for Fall and Winter it’s a must. Plus it evens and brightens your skin tone, win!
  • Rose Lip Treatment: I keep this by my bed and put it on as the last thing I do before the lights go out. Don’t forget to take care of your lips! All the product we put on them all day is really drying so they need some love, too! I also keep the regular sugar treatment in my purse for during the day before lipstick.

What are your favorite Fresh products? Has anyone tried the Umber Clay?? I’ve heard amazing things but haven’t tested it out/don’t want an entire bar so I would love to hear some feedback! Oh and I still use the Kiehl’s Eye Cream I’ve been using at night and def recommend it! Copper is proven to get rid of and prevent wrinkles so keep it coming! Plus a little goes a long way so your jar will last you awhile!



I am so excited to share this lip combo I came up with for Fall! It’s the perfect berry shade and will complement so many skin tones! Ah! It’s not too dark or bright, it’s seriously just right. Do I sound like Goldilocks or what?! HA! A couple of swipes of YSL #58 and a little dab of MAC ‘Got Style’ and you’re good to go! I am so happy to add this to my routine for Fall! If you try this or any of my other faves, let me know! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

“I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.”



PS- So I’m still learning how to use my new camera so pardon the not so perfect product pics in this post! (That was a lot of P’s!) 🙂

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