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Happy Friday Eve Lovers!

I had some computer issues yesterday so sorry for not posting anything. I am in the hunt for a new/refurbished MAC so I can stop having techincal difficulties. #thestruggleisreal As the hubs said, there is always something new I NEED to buy, oops. But I really really need a computer I promise. This is not on the same level as needing a new scarf or my second Starbs of this day this is life or death. 😉 Basically.

Anyways, thanks to all of you that have filled out my survey so far! If you haven’t had a chance yet you can find it here and I will be accepting entries until the end of the day tomorrow so don’t forget! I am loving the responses I have been getting so far and want to implement your suggestions ASAP starting with posting multiple options for items featured in a style post. So going forward I will post a link to the exact or closest item as well as 1-2 other options per piece (clothing, not all accessories). I will try my best to vary the pricepoints as best I can as well. I hope you find this helpful and fun!

I love easy layered looks for Fall because it gets chilly fast around here and the more clothing the better. It was super cold when we shot this look and I was so glad I had on lots of layers!2[1]5[1]10[1]Do you ever get dressed and feel like you aren’t super obsessed with your outfit? Let me give you a few easy details tips to help you feel a little more but together.

  1. Try folding the hem of your jeans into a little cuff and see what you like better folded or unfolded.
  2. Try tying the end of your shirt into a little knot on the side. Not a big one but just small enough to show your shape a little more.
  3. Tie your scarf 3 different ways and see which compliments your outfit best. If you remember this scarf from a little while back it’s actually a giant square. It looked too sloppy open or just around my neck once so I tied one end together to make it an infinity scarf. You can see how I wore it before, here.
  4. Wear a different shade of lipstick then you normally do.

11[1]28[1]30[1]I’m telling you, your outfit is all in the details. And when you figure out how versatile the pieces in your wardrobe are you’ll be able to get so much more wear out of them. For instance this outfit is so easy to just cuff the hems and wear flats instead of booties. If you’re busy running around and aren’t comfortable in heels don’t fret, ballet flats or flat boots are just as cute! Be you and dress for your lifestyle! Skip the scarf if you tend to get warmer during the day and opp for a fun necklace instead.layeredCollage36[1]

Photos: Green Eyes Imaging

|Outfit Details|

|try this or this henley|this Free People slip is a wardrobe staple for me and is currently %25 off|love these jeans and these are an afforable option as well|love these, these and these booties|BP Scarf, also this or this|Street Level Tote|Charming Charlie flower bracelet|Charming Charlie Watch|Alex and Ani LA, feather, french royalty, beaded, mermaidbracelets|Kate Spade glitter bracelet|MAC ‘Brave’ Lipstick|MAC ‘Ample Pink’ Plushglass|

I think Starbucks should start paying me for all the pics I take and tag them in or maybe just throw a couple free drinks my way. Am I right?! Throw a coffee loving caffeine addicted girl a bone will ya?! 😉 Haha just kidding, kinda. I won’t turn down a collab though so if you read this Starbucks let’s do this!!

What are some of your favorite ways to layer in the Fall? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for stopping by and cheers to the almost weekend!

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