Cuties at Christmas


Hey, dolls!

Riley and I have had so much fun celebrating Christmas this month! From the countdown we made December 1st to paper crafts and Elf on the Shelf and now cookie baking and ornament decorating. Not to mention the countless Christmas books and CDs we have gotten from the library every week too! We are in the holiday spirit for sure! πŸ™‚ Side note: Apparently I say “for sure” a lot because Riley finishes a lot of sentences saying that now even when it doesn’t make sense haha.

IMG_9694It was so fun to introduce him to paper chains and using them to count down to something exciting coming up! I love being able to use traditions from when I was little with Riley! We’ve done as much as you can think of with paper and paint and there is still room in the play room for more! We’ll keep you posted on what else we come up with in our Christmas craft craze. πŸ™‚


Making a gingerbread house with a toddler is definitely time consuming but I want to make memories with him at his speed and letting him call (most) of the shots. The smile says it all, don’t you think? HA!


“This is going to look so fantastic on Christmas Eve!” I love how he believes so sincerely in the magic of Christmas and that everything is even more special when Santa comes to town! We’ve been talking a lot about what happens at Midnight on Christmas Eve so he loves to say everything will be even better then. I agree of course! πŸ™‚Β IMG_0011IMG_0015IMG_0019

I mean…..could his face be any cuter?! The stars are for his pre-school teachers and the sticker covered ornament is for his Spanish teacher. We bought plenty more so don’t think this is the last of the adorable ornament pics, hehe.

Β IMG_0028IMG_0030IMG_0031

So I’ve posted before that I try to cook with Riley start to finish once a week and he helps me in the kitchen with little jobs as well. Β He was so excited all week to make gingerbread cookies and cut out shapes with my cookie cutters and even though our dough turned out terrible and we had to buy cookies from Marianos for the party tomorrow, I wanted to post these pics because I am so proud of the helper he is in the kitchen and how he reacted when it didn’t go as planned. He actually jumped up and down and bit his lip because he was shouting about how we got to try again and it was okay because we could do it! #bestattitudeaward #proudnanny

I can’t wait for all the cuteness that will be taking place at his Christmas party tomorrow. The class is singing 3 songs for us and I know it is going to be adorable and hilarious! Like I always say, the little things are the best things! πŸ™‚ Speaking of best things, I got an early Christmas present from Riley’s parents today! Woot woot! Get a pair for yourselft, you won’t regret it! Cozy and cute for the win!Β IMG_0037

Sorel Tofino Boot

Between all of Riley’s activities I am in and out of the car all day so I am not exaggerating that my feet are FREEZING all the time! So if you see me around town during the week I WILL be rocking my snow boots and I don’t care if I look crazy. I want to be as warm as possible and they are also so comfy. #winwin #itsthelittlethings

I hope you all are enjoying all the little things that made this time of year so magical! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful night!



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