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Can we all take a moment for this donut wall!? Talk about a good first impression, you all know I am a donut LOVER! ::heart eyes::

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I had the privilege of attending Create&Cultivate in Chicago on Saturday and it was beyond fabulous. From start to finish these ladies put on a wonderful conference filled with delicious food and drinks, darling decor and even better speakers. It was my first time at a blogging conference so I didn’t really know what to expect and have to admit I was SO nervous to be attending solo. Don’t get me wrong I am an extrovert but that doesn’t mean I don’t get the ‘new girl on the first day of school’ jitters now and then. Imagine being in a room full of some of the prettiest/stylist/most intimidating ladies you’ve ever seen that you don’t know past following them on social media and my appetite went right out the window (I didn’t even eat a donut, can you believe it?!). GAH! But I pushed my insecurities aside and instantly made lots of new friends.Create + Cultivate-2556

Create&Cultivate set the perfect environment for a day of socializing, learning and pampering thanks to a fabulous beauty lounge. From the moment we checked in the mood was set for a fabulous day. The venue was a hidden gem with cobblestone walk ways, a giant outdoor terrace (where we had breakfast, lunch and cocktails) and the perfect amount of space for pop-up shops, stages, drink bars and loads of instagramable cuteness everywhere you looked. They can have their team decorate my house anytime, I mean get a load of these blooms and living room inspiration set by the wonderful ladies over at Havenly! I die.

Create + Cultivate-2581Create + Cultivate-2602On top of all that the panel portions were so amazing. It was so inspiring to be given the opportunity to learn from the #girlbosses behind Pink Peonies, Bows & Sequins, I Am That Girl, PS I Made This and so many more! Plus getting a quick squeeze and kiss with Toast Meets World and Muppets Revenge was just the icing on top. 😉 #dogobsessed I am so grateful for the advice, guidance and tips they passed along to all of us. Thank God we got a notebook when we checked in because I took so many notes! 🙂

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I can’t even put into words how much I learned, my head was literally spinning, in the best way possible! In a culture so full of self-doubt, cyber bullying, girl on girl hate (fat shaming/skinny shaming/negativity); it was so powerful to be surrounded by female creatives there to teach and motivate and help each other out. What an impact we could all make for future generations and for ourselves if we spent our energies building each other up and empowering each other to be our best instead of tearing each other down! #iamthatgirl #soinspired

Speaking off women helping women, shout out to my new blogger friend, Kelly for sharing some of her fab photos with me. The hubs and I are still in the process of investing in a nice camera for the blog so at events the Iphone just doesn’t cut it. Check out her awesome re-cap from the conference, here!

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In case you can’t tell, I had such a blast on Saturday and encourage anyone who’s considered attending a conference to do it! Even if it scares you, you won’t regret it! And in case you wondered what I wore, Kelly took this great pic of me, because duh bloggers gonna selfie. 😉 Who are some of your favorite #girlbosses #leadingladies #mentors ? Let’s change the world together. You in?!

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