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Since Fall is officially upon us it will be Fall outfits from here on out. #tears I love to be layered up for Fall because let’s face it once it drops below 70 degrees I’m consistently frozen. Why do I live somewhere where it’s below 70 degrees most of the year you ask? I wish I knew! 😉 What can I say I’m born and raised a Midwestern girl and since we just bought a house it’s looking like we’re going to be here for a while longer! You would think I would be used to it by now but I am just never ready for the frozen toes/face/hands nonsense that we get so early. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong the clothes are cute but I would much rather live in a state of endless Summer, ya feel me? 🙂 OK OK pity party over, time to move on to this easy layered look for Fall. 6[1]8[1]9[1]I know I’ve talked about scarves a million times before but they seriously are make or break for your outfit. Imagine how borrring this outfit would be without a little touch of animal print. Right? So lame. 😉 But for reals this is another one of my go-to looks for Fall because it’s totally effortless and comfortable for during the week or running around during the day on the weekend. Just swap out the flats for tall boots once it’s gets really cold and you’re good to go! 15[1]17[1]23[2]I flipped my trusty tote to the taupe side over a month ago and haven’t changed it back yet so it looks like I’ll just be keeping it taupe all Fall, ha! I love hearing that so many of you have purchased it and are loving it as well! Such a good everyday tote and I swear it’s never full which is so great! Esp if you have toddler/baby accessories to carry around on the daily like I do. I swear kids hands just don’t work half the time, what’s up with that?! 😉 But for reals, the more bag room for me the better! 11[1]

Photos: Green Eyes Imaging

|Outfit Details|

|BP Cardigan|Trouve Tee|Paige almost identical jeans|Sam Edelman Flats on sale and so many color options|BP infinity scarf under $20 and a wardrobe staple|Street Level Tote|Charming Charlie flower bracelet|Charming Charlie Watch|Alex and Ani LA, feather, french royalty, beaded, mermaid bracelets|similar Charming Charlie tortoise bracelet|YSL ’58’ Lipstick|MAC ‘Got Style’ Mineralize Lipglass|

What are your favorite everyday looks for Fall? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

“If I ever let me head down it will be to admire my shoes.”



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