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Happy Monday loves!

I have been the worst blogger since we moved, ah! Whenever I’m working on a project I give it 100% which isn’t always the best because then I kinda neglect the other stuff that is going on. So right now I’m giving all my spare time to getting our house together and have totally been unorganized with a my blog which drives me crazy. I hate not getting stuff done and being unorganized. There’s just not enough hours in the day, gah! It would be so much easier if I didn’t have to work, ha! Keep dreaming, I know I know! πŸ˜‰ So here are the updated pics from the last week or so! If you’ve been following along hopefully you can tell that we’re getting more settled and it looks a lot more homey around here! Still lots to do but I am so excited to be checking things off the my to-do list.Β IMG_4576 IMG_4577 IMG_4578Wardrobes are in and getting set up!!! I am soo excited to have my dressing room/closet actually coming together after all this time! This might be the last pic I put up on the blog so you’ll have to stay tuned for sneak peeks on Instagram (madelyn.weaver) or Snapchat (mrsmadelynw) if you want to see a little more before the big reveal in February!! Yippee!Β IMG_4579IMG_4581Since we close on the condo this week we got to go get the rest of the furniture that we had there which means that all of our master bedroom furniture is back together! Hooray! Even though I haven’t put anything up on the walls yet, it’s so nice to have the room coming together and I’m so happy with the rug I put in here! Wayfair has had the perfect pieces to furnish our home and at such good prices, for reals, I’m obsessed! Check it out, they legit have EV-ER-Y-THING!Β IMG_4586So if you follow me on Snapchat you know I got these old windows from my friend Brooke who got them at a flea market and was SO excited to use them in our house! They were originally a light gray color so I painted them with a coat of my beloved white chalk paint and then distressed them with sand paper so that a little gray showed through but they were still mostly white. Just to ensure they still looked old and shabby and fab! πŸ™‚ I was originally going to hang a couple green wreathes on the windows but then Β found these GIANT green letters at HomeGoods and HAD to get them instead!! If you’ve followed along for awhile you know I love monograms and graphics and letters so they were perfect for our house! Plus the burlap ribbon I mean, I DIE! What do you think??? I want to find a verse/sign to hang above the TV but I’m happy with how it’s coming along. πŸ™‚IMG_4587IMG_4590IMG_4598So the Christmas decor is down and I’m starting to hang some more things on the walls. The dining room has been my next project and I finished the one wall so far! I made the banner with our wedding date on it with tulle and numbered wooden pennants that I found at HobbyLobby. The mirror I found at a garage sale a few years ago and painted gold with a light coat of silver over it so the gold still shows through. I used it as our bathroom vanity mirror at the condo and I’m excited to have it as decor now. The heart I found in the dollar section at Target and painted with chalkboard paint and made our monogram on. All the frames are full of pictures from our wedding which are still my favorite and I’m still obsessed with them after all these years! #cantstopwontstop πŸ™‚ I’m searching for another piece of furniture for the dining room and an old clock and some more letters of course. πŸ˜‰ The table is nice and simple for this week which is nice after the Christmas and party decor I had up since we moved in. I have fresh and silk flowers in almost every room and its my favorite. It’s the perfect way to mix up all the neutrals tones I tend to decorate with. Flowers just make me so happy!Β IMG_4595I added a little more to the entry way wall and it’s coming along! The tiny square mirror I found at a resale shop and painted gold. The round mirror I got from HomeGoods probably 6 years ago and it was black. I had it hanging in my room in college and it was part of our gallery wall at the condo but for the house it had to be chalk painted white, of course. πŸ˜‰ I found the gray mirror at TJMaxx and added one of my favorite wedding photos for the wall. The tray was a HomeGoods clearance find awhile back and I thought it would be a cute addition to the table for the hubs to put his wallet and keys etc in when he gets home. I have a couple wall decor things I’m trying to decide if I want to hang at the top of the wall or if I need to look for something else, but it’s coming along. πŸ™‚Β IMG_4592My coffee bar!!!!! Ah!!! This is my favorite spot in the house right now!! I had this idea in mind for awhile and after searching around and doing some DIY, I made it come to life! I found the bookcase on sale at Target and the hanging shelves I bought from a lady who just had them sitting in her basement. I painted them with….you guessed it, white chalk paint. I was going to paint the bookcase but then I found theΒ chevron wall paper atΒ Target and decided to add that to the shelves instead. I didn’t want my baking supplies taking up valuable pantry or counter space so having 2 shelves for the bookcase was a must, I found all the jars at Target and love them. The Ninja Coffee Bar was one of our gifts to each other for Christmas and has been a fab addition to the house! The J&M were actually used to decorate the bar at our wedding and I’ve been waiting for the perfect spot to display them and for now, this is it. I’m sure you recognize the monogram mugs from Anthropologie, everyone owns at least one I’m sure. I need a couple more plants to go in mine but I wanted to use them for sure to decorate the coffee bar. The LOVE pallet sign on the left I made yesterday, actually, at a sign painting party I hosted at my house. It was a blast having some of my favorite ladies over for an afternoon of cocktails and crafting and catching up! πŸ™‚ I’ve waited so long to have space to entertain and it’s SO nice to finally be able to do that! I need to put a bracket in it and hang it on the wall under the hanging shelves. Is it obvious I love coffee yet? πŸ˜‰

So those are all the updates around here!! What do you think?! Here’s my house list for this week:

  • organize my clothes in my dressing room
  • start a guest room design plan
  • paint ANOTHER mirror
  • gallery wall or stencils up the stairs? can’t decide
  • paint the closest in my dressing room
  • find a bistro table and chairs for my coffee bar

Ok, I think that’s all for this week, ha!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for lots more updates to come!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris



3 Responses
  • Carlene
    January 19, 2016

    Looks great!!

  • Emilie
    January 26, 2016

    I’m so happy I found your blog!! I also moved into our first house a few weeks ago and am in the process of putting it together! I love working on our house but it’s a long process. I will be coming back for inspiration for sure πŸ™‚

    • MadelynWeaver
      February 2, 2016

      Thanks, girl! It seriously takes forever hence the lack of blog posts over here, sigh. Plus when you work full time it’s hard to balance everything that you want to do! At least for me it is! Good luck nesting and thanks for stopping by!! xoxo

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