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NSale Style


Hey loves! The Nordstrom sale is liveee for the public and pieces are selling out quick! #notsurprising I took pics with Brooke last week and am excited to share this outfit with you. Both the jeans and this shirt are some of my favorite pieces from the sale and you can get the entire outfit for under ...

Eggs’tra Special Day Out


Hiiiii everyone!! I know it's been months since I posted and I'm so excited to be back and sharing a little bit into my days as a mom! I've spent the last 5 months really focusing on Sophia and my new role as a mom and going forward that will be a huge part of my ...

Impatient Peplum


Happy hump day loves, I can't even sit down and blog these days because my brain is going non stop (to-do lists/errands/laundry/was that a contraction/etc) waiting for this baby to be here. It's torture I tell you. I've felt this entire pregnancy that she would be early so even though her due date is 2 days ...