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Hellloooo 2018! Sophia and I are settling in here in Boise and I am trying to get organized with my own schedule regarding my blog. The past few weeks I have been making mornings to myself a priority and it has made all the difference in my productivity. Instead of letting Sophia wake me up in ...

Baby Weaver Reveal


Hi! Hey! Hello! :) Ahhh I am so so excited to finally share the news with everyone today!! This has been such a hard secret to keep but we had a couple different gender reveals and we wanted to make sure our families and close friends were the first ones to know before the news went ...

Another Sunday At Home


Hey dolls! It's been a few days, I'm the worst! Sorry! But I wanted to share a few pictures of the things we got done this week so at least you know I haven't been sitting around eating Christmas cookies or something. ;) Though let's be real, I have eaten a few so far. Keep in mind ...