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Sophia and I are settling in here in Boise and I am trying to get organized with my own schedule regarding my blog. The past few weeks I have been making mornings to myself a priority and it has made all the difference in my productivity. Instead of letting Sophia wake me up in the morning, I have been setting my alarm for about an hour before she normally gets up so I can drink my coffee, have quiet time, eat breakfast and do my make-up which in turn frees up nap time to get other things done. When I was going through my computer and deleting things I found these pictures that Brooke took of Sophia and I when she was 5 months old and I never shared them on the blog because #momlife, so I figured a little throw back Thursday post was in order. 🙂 Where did my squishy baby go?!

Photos: Green Eyes Imaging

|Tee- MOMLIFE ILY Couture |Lipstick- MAC “Candy YumYum”|

I’ve prioritized my time with Sophia during the day over doing anything else this last year and while I don’t have any regrets, I’m realizing that being more organized with my days is making me a more present and happier mom. I think most moms would agree that we put ourselves last in order of priorities but I firmly believe we are better moms to our kids when we take care of our selves. I should have made myself go to sleep earlier, meal planned better, carved out quiet time, worked on my blog etc. ages ago but I was more focused on my day to day with Sophia instead of being organized. Granted I’ve been alone 4-5 days a week with Josh traveling so my schedule is different then most considering I shoulder most of the load at home but I wish I had been a little more selfish with my own self care since day one; but you live and learn.

When I was mentioning this new priority on my insta stories a few weeks back SO many moms reached out to me that they could relate and wanted to be more organized with their days as well which led to me creating this fun facebook group. You don’t have to be a mom to start your days with intention and if you’re looking for some accountability, book recommendations or a new girl gang you’re welcome to join us, here.  I obviously can’t go back and change anything and I know for certain Sophia has never been lacking for attention or love but taking some time for me is making my days so much better. I can’t recommend it enough! Being a mom is my number one job and has and will continue to be my number one priority but that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself at the same time. Who’s with me?!

“Being a mom has made me so tired and so happy.”

Tina Fey

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