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Happy hump day loves!

I’m so excited to share some of my registry must haves with you all today! I’ve gotten lots of requests to share my favorite baby products so far and I think you’ll all be happy with the list I put together. Obviously it’s not everything that you’ll need but it’s a lot of the basics. I read a TON of reviews, watched YouTube videos and got favorites lists from my other mom friends when I was registering so I know I made decisions that I am personally confident in and I feel prepared for her to be here and use all this gear! Yay! 🙂 I looked for items that were versatile and would last through more then one baby. Of course there are lots of pink things that I won’t re-use for a baby boy but as far as the bigger items I went with blacks/grays/whites so it was gender neutral, plus primary colors are the WORST in my opinion so no way was I going that route for any of my stuff, ha! I’ll be doing a post later on with my favorite small shops/boutique items so stayed tuned for that! If you have any questions about anything I posted feel free to comment or shoot me an e-mail! 🙂

  • Graco Pack and Play: I am super excited about this pack and play! It’s super versatile and is already set up in the living room awaiting baby girls arrival! The price on this is very reasonable at $220, especially for all that comes with it. It features a changing table, cuddle cove that can be unsnapped and used as a bouncy seat that vibrates, a bassinet insert and then when you remove everything it’s a toddler play yard. I’m not gonna lie putting the pieces together was not easy but setting up the pack and play and bassinet was a breeze which is great since I’ll be bringing it with me when the hubby travels for work. There are several different color options as well.
  • Graco 4-1 Highchair: This highchair is so awesome! It is a highchair, infant feeding seat, toddler chair and booster seat all in one! At $189 you are getting your money’s worth for sure because you don’t have to keep buying new chairs when the baby grows out of one. Baby girl can have this until she’s ready to sit at a normal seat at the table, how awesome is that? I also bought a bumbo seat used just to have around but won’t really need it since we have this! I can’t wait for her to use it in a few months!
  • Halo Bassinest: This was a must have item for me. Have you heard about this bassinet? It’s the cadillac of bassinets in my opinion! It’s perfect for co-sleeping since you can raise and lower it to sit right at the height of your bed, it has an easy collapsable side to get baby out without lifting for middle of the night feeds/diaper changes and for c-section recovery, it swivels 360 degrees, vibrates, plays music and soothing sounds, has a night light and the mattress is waterproof! Holllaa! I also got the caddy to go with it even though is has 2 pockets for essentials so I can put diapers and wipes in there as well. All you need to do is add 3 AA batteries and you’re good to go! There is optional bedding like a fitted sheet and mattress cover you can buy separately as well but it’s pretty comfy as is! If you follow me on snapchat (you saw that this is all set up next to our bed as well!)
  • Avent Newborn Bottle Set:  There are TONS of reviews on which bottles to supplement with if you plan to breastfeed (which I do) since they are the closest to a real nipple and easiest for baby to switch back and forth with. I chose 2 different types that came highly recommended by friends and retailers in case baby girl is picky. This set has different size bottles, a brush and pacis to give your baby options and to grow with them. The other set that is recommended but I didn’t go with is Dr.Brown. Hopefully she likes one of the 2 and I don’t have to go for a third option. You can also use the bottles that come with your breastpump and just get some more of those if you don’t feel the need to have too many bottles around. It’s totally a personal and baby choice.
  • Tommee Tippee Bottles: These are the number one recommended bottles for breastfed babies so I got the most of these in both the 5 and 9oz varieties. It even says right on the box that they are the “closest to nature” so hopefully baby girl agrees. I want the option for the hubs and sitters to be able to feed her every once and awhile so getting her to take a bottle is really important to me.
  • Kindle Bottle Warmer: So you’ll notice when you go to register that the sales person will try to get you to register for a million things and lots of them you really don’t need and will just take up counter space, this is not one of those things though. I don’t have a ton of baby product experience (shocking I know) but this bottle warmer is the first I’ve seen that you can heat up bottles and breast milk bags! SO great right? No more running the bag under warm water waiting for it to thaw to room temp while you’re hungry baby get’s fushy! I sound like an info-merical, ha! I can’t wait to use this and it’s small enough that it can be pushed back against the counter and not be in the way! It’s a higher price point at $70 but I plan to get a ton of use out of it so I think it’s worth it for sure!
  • Britax B-Safe Travel System: I have a friend who teaches car seat safety classes and she recommended Britax carseats to us and so we took her advice. They have long warranties and great safety ratings so we feel good about this choice. Plus they offer carseats for each stage so we won’t have to shop around after she’s out of the infant size. This set is so great and gets you more for your money. For $350 you get the infant car seat, car seat adapter and a good size travel stroller that the carseat clicks right into. There’s no need for an additional carseat adapter which is so great! I’ll be using this set a lot when I travel with the hubs so I am super excited about it! It comes in other color options as well but we went with the all black. Remember I don’t like primary colors? 😉 No red for me thanks!
  • Ergo 360 Carrier: This carrier is awesome and includes the infant attachment unlike some of the other models that you have to buy separetly. I wanted this carrier for her because you can carry the baby facing in or out in front, on your hip and on your back. A lot of carriers don’t have a facing out in front option and baby’s love being able to see what’s going on and it will keep them less fussy, so they tell me! 😉 The price point is a little higher $159-179 but we plan on walking/hiking with her a lot so it will get a lot of use. Plus this is a comfortable carrier for all sizes and keeps the baby in the perfect position for them to be comfortable as well!
  • Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag: I think diaper bags are totally personal preference. You know how much you want to be carrying around, your style and comfort level and honestly price point as well. No one can make up your mind for you on that and there are so so many options out there it’s a little crazy town. I originally was only looking at diaper bags that offered a back pack option to them until I carried this one around and really liked it. I also watched some YouTube videos to see how much other moms could fit into their diaper bags and what their honest reviews were so if you have a few in mind I highly recommend typing them into YouTube and comparing for yourself. The top perks for this one for me are the pockets, shoulder and messenger strap options, fold out changing pad and a zip closer. I don’t want my stuff falling out if my bag gets knocked over and some diaper bags have only side zips which I just know will mean my stuff will be everywhere every time I open it, no thanks. This bag also looks more like a purse then a diaper bag which was important to me as well, there are some seriously ugly bags out there and I did not want a crazy print. Like I said it’s personal preference. Price point is average to high at about $165.
  • JuJuBe Be Prepared Diaper Bag: OK so this is my current runner up diaper bag and I actually haven’t taken the tags off of the other one because I legit can’t make up my mind! This bag offers even more space, memory foam straps, 17 pockets and a changing pad as well! My only fear was that it’s almost too big and then I’ll over fill it and give myself more back problems, plus it’s $200! Ah! But it’s seriously so cute and functional! If any of you have either let me know what you think! They both have great reviews and honestly I’ll be happy either way I just need to decide already! Solid or stripe?! Medium or large?! ::face palm:: The struggle is real.
  • Little Giraffe Blanket: These are the softest blankets ever! Every baby needs one and there are tons of color and size options! I have loved these for years and am so excited baby girl gets to use one now! I remember picking them out as gifts back when I worked at a boutique in high school and being so excited to use them for my babies someday and now that day is here, hooray!
  • Jelly Cat Lovies and Stuffed Animals: Speaking of the softest things everrrr for babies..Jelly Cat brand everything! Oh my word is there stuff soft. I’m not kidding you there are not softer lovies or stuffed animals out there! Plus they have every kind of stuffed animal your baby or toddler could want! I am so excited they even had a unicorn because I’m doing unicorn accents in the nursery so it’s perfect! Ah! I went with their pink bunny lovie/security blanket and it’s so adorable! Once she’s here and decides what her favorite is I’ll get a few back ups in case we loose one, yikes!
  • Circo Lovie/Security Blanket: This was the only unicorn lovie/security blanket I could find and it’s so so cute I just had to get it! It’s really soft and a standard size. If you see other unicorn things feel free to tag me or e-mail the links! I love it all! 😉
  • The Breastfriend Pillow: Move over boppy and say hello to your breast friend! 😉 This pillow snaps around your waist so it won’t move while you’re breastfeeding and gives you back support and the perfect positioning for a great latch. There are several different color options so you can pick the right one for you as well. I used it in our breastfeeding class last night and know it will be perfect once the baby comes! Price point is good and the reviews are even better! I highly recommend it!
  • Portable Sound Spa: This came highly recommended by a few of my mom friends and I can totally see why! It clips onto your carseat or stroller or crib and helps keep the baby from fussing and stay asleep. It offers heartbeat, white noise, or ocean sounds and a lullaby that can all be set to a timer. Depending on where you shop it ranges from $11-20 so it’s a great extra thing to have and worth the money for sure!
  • Boppy Baby Lounger: This was another item that came highly recommended by other moms. Perfect for tummy time or just hanging around it’s a great place for baby to lounge. The shape is comfortable and supportive for newborns and it has a handle so it’s easy to transport around. They can use it up to 16lbs and the cover is machine washable just in case. 😉 Plus it’s only $30 so it won’t break the bank.
  • 4Moms Mamaroo: I’m sure you’ve heard all about this baby swing and for good reason! It’s one of the best out there! With 5 different settings that mimic the movements that parents typically use (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye and wave) it soothes your baby and let’s them relax and play. There are sounds that come with it or you can hook up your own music to it as well. The newest models offer bluetooth so you can control it with your smart phone which is awesome! You have to buy a newborn insert separately and the mamaroo itself has a higher price tag at $260 but with such good reviews you get your moneys worth and it has great re-sale value! This is the last thing on my must have list that baby girl weaver still needs and I can’t wait to get it for her!
  • WubbaNub: I love these stuffed animals holding pacis and babies do too! They’re comforting and adorable and there are tons of different animals available! I got a pink elephant for baby girl and it’s so cute I can’t stop picking it up! Make sure to get a couple because this is something you do not want to loose!!
  • Little Unicorn Swaddle Blankets: Of all the swaddle blankets out there I think these are the softest and the cutest! I seriously love them and their patterns are darling as well! I know everyone always goes for the Aden and Anais blankets which I got some of as well but the Little Unicorn brand is just so cozy! They also make bibs, quilts, crib sheets and security blankets that are awesome as well! The price point is the same for any quality swaddle blanket so stock up on these for sure! Alll the heart eyes for these blankets! 🙂

Sorry this post is on the longer side but I wanted to make sure to share why I chose each item and give you a few of the benefits of each. Amazon Registries and MyRegistry are awesome to compile all your favorite items and offer the best prices for those shopping for your baby so I would recommend those platforms for sure! You can link from all over the place for MyRegistry so that one is my favorite! You can even add sections where people can give monetary gifts towards whatever you decide like “nursery fund” for example, it’s great! I hope you enjoyed my reviews and recommendations! All opinions and ideas are my own and are in no way sponsored or affiliated with any of the above brands! Thanks for stopping by!

“A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier.”



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